– Best-In-Class Professional Practices: The purchase or sale of your pre-owned boat will follow the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) Code of Ethics and professional “best in class” business practices. These standards are the product of over 80 years experience and thousands of transactions conducted by some of the best yacht brokers world wide. To learn more about our Code of Ethics, please see the YBAA website, www.ybaa.com .

– Protecting Your Funds: All funds are held in a separately insured, brokerage escrow account while the boat title is cleared for transfer. This fiduciary approach is for the protection of the buyer and seller, and ensures that none of the sale funds become comingled with our general accounts.

– CPYB Broker Network: We use a number of multiple listing services to advertise your boat, however we work more closely with other CPYB brokers. Their business practices and standards of ethics are most closely aligned with ours minimizing the risk of a less than successful outcome for our clients.

– YBAA Proprietary Contractual Agreements for US and Canadian sales: The YBAA has worked with international brokerage associations to develop a comprehensive and consistent set of agreements that include Listing Agreements, Sales Agreements, Purchase Agreements, Cooperative Brokerage Agreements, Yacht Acceptance Agreements to name a few. Being a border state with Canada, we also benefit from the YBAA’s cooperation with the Ontario Yacht Broker’s Association to help create Canadian Sales Agreements.

– YBAA Binding Arbitration Committee: Every transaction is unique to the parties, the boat, the timing, and the location involved. Out this a unique problem may come about for which there may be more than one favored solution. On a rare occasion other legal processes are used to render a solution, but as a member of the YBAA we have the option of engaging the services of a binding Arbitration Committee that is already familiar with the YBAA documents and the process of buying and selling yachts. Our access to this resource through the YBAA can help keep the transaction moving forward in a positive manner.

Working with a YBAA/CPYB Broker does not cost anything extra. In fact the well meaning, casual, local broker’s good intentions could actually cost you a lot extra if certain procedures are overlooked.