Specifically speaking

Advertising and showing boats are critical, but they are only the tip of the iceberg in transacting a sale. All together they represent about 20 percent of the total effort and only require a common denominator of service. There have been many situations where an overly simple agreement to purchase collapses over other issues that were overlooked or dealt with improperly. There may be challenges in importing or exporting, there could be hidden liens that surface, there could be tax liabilities, mishandling of funds, to name a few. These issues are not new to Crows Nest Yachts in over 35 years of new and pre-owned yacht sales. This gives us the ability to provide the following scope of services whether you are purchasing or selling a yacht.

Market research of recent sales activity to determine a marketable listing price.

Photograph local boats for publication and on multiple internet sites.

Prepare proprietary Vessel History Disclosure document.

Prepare an Addendum of additional equipment.

Handle all inquiries and requests for showings.

Pre-qualify prospects.

Coordinate marine surveys when requested.

Coordinate any required sea trials.

Prepare proprietary written format for offers.

Hold deposit funds in a dedicated escrow account.

Conduct all purchase negotiations.

Conduct lien & title searches.

Prepare a proprietary Purchase and Sale agreement.

Prepare a proprietary Trial Closing Balance Sheet

Prepare a proprietary Letter of Vessel Acceptance

Prepare a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale.

Manage the closing.

Assist in preparing the documents for transfer of title.

Assist in clearing foreign customs

Coordinate any arrangements for transportation.