How motivated are you? Here is a quick quiz to find out!

1. Do you want the quickest sale at the highest possible price?

Yes                           No
2. Are you willing to be somewhat inconvenienced while your boat is up for sale?
Yes                            No
3. Are you willing to put some time, effort and, if necessary, money into preparing your boat for sale?
Yes                            No
4. Can you separate from your boat emotionally?
Yes                           No
Now, take a look at your results. If you answered “yes” to all four of these questions, then you are a highly motivated seller. You are willing to do the work to get your boat looking its best! Congratulations, your time and effort will pay off with a quicker sale and a higher price.
If you answered “no” to just one question, you are fairly motivated. Think about what is holding you back. Change a “no” answer to a “yes” and your boat will sell quicker and for more money.
If you answered “no” to more than two questions, you need to get motivated or you will have to compromise on your price and your boat will take longer to sell. We have seen sellers with little motivation and their boat looks like it. This is a disaster when a boat is up for sale.