1. A little preparation and some elbow grease can improve your odds of selling quickly. You can add thousands of dollars in value with a few simple projects and a few dollars.

2. Clean the boat thoroughly. A sparkling, shiny boat will get you half way there.

3.No odors, no clutter, empty drawers and closets make the boat look larger.

4.Wash the windows, clean the Isinglass, and treat the varnish and teak. Clean the strainers.

5. Remove any items not going with the boat.

6. Spring clean carpets, refrigerator, and ice maker. Put baking soda in the refrigerator. Empty holding tank. Have fresh water in tanks. Clean stove. No crumbs.

7. The Engine Room and Bilges – no rust – totally clean with white pads under the engines and generator. Clean any corrosion from after coolers, heat exchangers.

8. Make certain electronics are in working order. Windshield and horns are first to be checked.

9. Check all lights – navigation, courtesy, salon, staterooms, engine room, and spreader lights.

10. Make certain engines will start, including generator. Have oil changed. Dirty oil is big turn off. Remove any rust!

11. Inflate your dinghy and make sure the outboard runs.