Client Bill Of Rights

As the client of a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL YACHT BROKER (CPYB), you can expect a level of professionalism and ethical behavior set forth by the YACHT BROKERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (YBAA).

As a certified professional, I am committed to maintaining the highest professional standards of our industry. I agree to fully comply with the following Code of Ethics & Business Practices.

1. YOUR DEPOSITED FUNDS WILL BE PROTECTED by Crows Nest Yachts through the use of an escrow account to protect your money

2. YOU WILL BENEFIT IN THE SALE OR PURCHASE, through the use of Crows Nest Yachts knowledge of fair market value.

3. YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF ALL TRANSACTIONS will be represented in writing, expressing the exact agreement between all parties.

4. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOICE any complaints about my service to the Yacht Brokers Association of America.

5. YOUR INTERESTS WILL BE PROTECTED WITH ABSOLUTE FIDELITY as a part of our obligation to deal fairly with all parties in any transaction.

6. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO FULL DISCLOSURE regarding the condition, history or ownership of the vessel in consideration.


8. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXPECT THE HIGH ETHICAL PRACTICES set forth by the Yacht Brokers Association of America.

9. YOU CAN EXPECT COOPERATION with other brokers to facilitate the sale or purchase of your vessel.

10. YOU WILL HAVE FULL DISCLOSURE of the terms of any brokerage commission split.