Buyer’s representative

Protect Your Interests and Your Investment

Typically the buyer that represents themselves spends 80% of their time focused on the first 20% of the purchase, ie. finding a boat and simply “hopes” that the rest of the transaction works out. How the remaining 80% of the process is handled can make the difference between a good deal or a terrible deal. We have a detailed approach that pays attention to those details that can make a difference which includes:

– Conducting negotiations of a final selling price on behalf of the buyer, that are based on actual closing prices that have occurred from the past 12 months to the past 5 years. You can only get this advantage through the efforts of a professional that is representing your interest.
– Preparing a purchase budget that will take into consideration the cost of decommissioning, transporting, re-launching, surveys, and reconditioning or desired upgrades.
– Preparing a Purchase and Sale Agreement that identifies all responsibilities and representations.
– Conducting a reasonable search for any issues that could prevent a clean transfer of title.
– Preparing a Closing Statement that identifies the final distribution of all funds to avoid future claims.
– Holding your earnest funds in an escrow account separate from our general business accounts.

We have conducted sales through-out North America and some in South America, and there are many unique circumstances that need to be accounted for, we have relied heavily on our professional network of CPYB brokers to advise us on avoiding the potential mistakes that turn a sale into a disaster.

Our service doesn’t stop with the closing, we continue to work with you until you are able to step aboard and begin to enjoy your purchase. This sometime entails:

– Decommissioning services and making boat ready for transport
– Transporting within the US
– Transporting outside the US, including Canada and South America
– Sourcing contractors for any urgent service work if necessary
– Commissioning services when boats are unloaded